Breathalyzer Reviews: The BACtrack S80 is superbly accurate.


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By Kelly Williams

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The portable breathalyzer and alcohol tester market has plenty of products, but very few measure up to the standards of the BACtrack s80 pro. As the name suggests it is indeed a professional breathalyzer that quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC).

The S80 utilizes fuel cell technology which ensures accurate readouts at high blood-alcohol concentrations compared to semiconductor models. It also employs temperature-checking, user-adjustable warning levels and an interior miniature air pump to precisely collect breath samples. All of this translates into very accurate readings. The sensor life as compared to semiconductor-based breathalyzers requires less frequent service and maintenance as well.

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This alcohol breath tester has several features that mark it as a reliable way to measure blood alcohol levels, including:

  • A four digit display that allows for increased accuracy that can be read at a single glance.
  • Single button operation lets you test rapidly and easily, without having to fumble with complex controls.
  • Accuracy and monitoring features such as user-defined warning levels, an internal pump to capture breath samples quickly, and integrated temperature monitoring.
  • Mouthpieces that are wrapped individually that not only provide safety for the user, but also ensure that results are on point for every sample taken.

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This is one of the few portable breathalyzer products that has not only been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation for law enforcement use, but also by the Food and Drug Administration for personal use. This alcohol breath tester has met the rigorous standards of law enforcement, medical, and treatment professionals nationwide, since it provides fuel cell accuracy that not all breathalyzers deliver.

If you’re looking for a truly professional grade device then this breathalyzer is one of the most highly rated and well praised models available – I rate it highly due to its extremely high accuracy and most of all its consistently reliable and long lasting. It will serve citizens just as well as it serves police and medical professionals. If you want to buy it you can get it here for the best price at Amazon.

Perhaps nobody can state the excellence better than one of the current owners who writes in a review that:

This is the first breathalyzer he has had that will give the same readings across multiple testings, unlike other breathalyzers where readings are all over the charts. Additionally, the device has a long lifetime, giving over 1500 uses for just two AA batteries. This means that customers are not likely to run out of power when they need it most.
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